Hillman Adhesive Angle-Cut Letter C

Hillman Group

Simple and classic, this Hillman Adhesive Angle-Cut Letter I Black and Gold (1.5") is perfect for use on a mailbox or your home. The sturdy construction stands up to weather. These letters are a great way to help make your address more visible to visitors and emergency workers alike.

  • MATERIAL: Angle-Cut Aluminum with brushed gold surface & black lettering
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: These numbers can be mounted to mailboxes, doors, walls, garbage cans, work trucks, etc.
  • SURFACE MOUNTING: When applying, the surface application temperature should be 50-85° F/ 10-27° C
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: To apply self-adhesive back, ensure mounting surface is clean and dry before pressing sign firmly to surface to activate adhesive layer
  • EXTERIOR GRADE: Once installed, material can handle wide temperature flucuations in weather
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Material easily wipes clean with a damp cloth or sponge, making for hassle-free maintenance

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