Lambro Industries Flexible Semi-Rigid 4 inch x 8 foot UL 2158A Clothes Dryer Transition Duct Kit (4 inch x 8 foot)


The Lambro flexible semi-rigid 4 inch x 8 foot UL 2158A clothes dryer transition duct kit is ideal for venting a clothes dryer to the outside. This kit is used for clothes dryer exhaust venting applications that require moist air and humidity from exiting the home. The corrugations throughout the duct prevents collapsing and allows for easily bending the duct when needed. The class 0 aluminum is corrosion resistant non-combustible and fire resistant with a maximum operating temperature of 482°F. Check local building codes prior to installation.

  • Installation from dryer exhaust outlet to the wall pipe to the outside
  • Installations lengths of 8′ or less
  • UL 2158A certified marked duct
  • For use with electric or gas clothes dryers
  • Non combustible
  • Maximum operating temperature of 482°F
  • No elbows needed – tight bend radius

Package Contains:
(1) 4 inch x 8 foot UL 2158A clothes dryer transition semi-rigid duct
(2) 4 inch metal worm gear clamps


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