BrassCraft 1/2 in. FIP x 1/2 in. MIP (3/8 in. FIP Tap)


BrassCraft’s ProCoat stainless steel gas connector is engineered with added safety in mind. The proprietary polymer coating is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household chemicals, UV rays and salt. ProCoat is applied to the corrugated stainless steel connector using advanced powder-coat technology. Unlike conventional dipped or sprayed coatings, the ProCoat coating is baked directly onto the connector surface at high temperatures to provide a uniform coating over the entire length of the connector. The coating is applied only after the connector has been 100% leak tested, prior to nut and fitting assembly. This process results in the most complete corrosion resistance available.
*Gas connectors may not be permitted for all uses in all locations. Consult with a professional installation expert or a plumber to ensure compliance with all applicable codes.

Corrugated stainless steel with corrosion resistant coating
Steel fittings included: 1/2 in. FIP and 1/2 in. MIP (tapped 3/8 in. FIP)
Ideal for moderate demand appliances such as 4-burner gas ranges, cook-tops, dryers and water heaters
Use with natural, manufactured, mixed and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane) gases and LP gas-air mixtures
Yellow coating
For indoor use
Temperature rating: -40°F to 150°F
Pressure rating: 1/2 psi maximum
Designed, machined and assembled in the USA

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